Red Belt Challenge: Day 17



Synopsis of the Day:

It was a productive stair day. I made my goal of 600 steps a day. The weather has turned cold and snowy. Extra miles added to my day was not practical. However, I made up for it when I arrived home.

My husband had the mats out, so I hit the free weights until my arms were quaking jello. Then I rounded out the workout session with stretching and yoga.

Here is how the day breaks down:

  • Backpack 30 lbs
  • Climbed 628 stair steps (with pack on)
  • Walked 3.10 miles (with pack on)
  • Fasted for 18 1/2 hours
  • 1-hour upper body strength training and yoga



If you know a person is working hard to get fit, let them know if you see a difference. Just a few words are great positive reinforcement.

My husband does not give out compliments very often so when he does it means something.

When I came home and changed into my workout attire, my husband stopped for a moment. He said he could see a difference; my legs were thinning down. I replied it must be all the stairs. He came back with, “Well whatever you are doing it is working.”

That little statement made a big difference. It spurred me on to workout harder.

We effect those around us. A few kind words can make a significant impact in someone’s journey.

Keep it real. Keep it simple.




Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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