Red Belt Challenge: Day 10 and 11



Synopsis of the Past Two Days

Between tests, at school and holidays (Valentine’s Day) my progress has not made much progress. I kept a steady pace of stair climbing. However, my overall walking was less. Now that Valentine’s and testing is over (for the next week anyway), hopefully, I can get traction this weekend with training.

However, the weather forecast is cold and wet. Translation: mat time.

Here is how the past two days break down:

  • Backpack 30 lbs
  • Climbed 1207 stair steps (with pack on)
  • Walked 5.02 miles (with pack on)
  • Fasted for 18 ½ hours each day
  • 1 hour Taijutsu training
  • 50 deep (to the floor) squats



Honestly, the past two days were difficult. I had to drive to reach my new standard of climbing 600 stairs a day. However, I did it. I did not give up. I pushed.

When everything in your body and mind says stop, don’t. Push through.


That is the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give yourself.




Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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