Red Belt Challenge: Day 8


Synopsis of the Day

Eight days have passed since I started this challenge. Only eighteen left to go.
It was a good day. My body felt ready after taking it easier over the weekend. I came close to breaking 600 steps a day (my new goal), soon I will reach 1000 (my next goal).

After a long day, I returned home and immediately began training with my husband. I set my backpack down, took off my shoes, tied my hair back, and stepped onto the mats.

We started with ukemi then moved on to helping my husband prepare for his black belt test. We ended out the hour with kicks and punching drills and red belt randori material.

I built up a good sweat. It felt good.

Here is how the day breaks down:

  • Backpack 30 lbs
  • Climbed 588 stair steps (with pack on)
  • Walked 3.50 miles (with pack on)
  • Fasted for 18 ½ hours
  • 1 hour Taijutsu training



We all need goals, even small ones.

Part of life is failure. We need setbacks to learn. It helps us to put into practice perseverance, to not quit. Through failure, we discover what does not work. As useful failure is in helping us find our inner and outer universe, it can damage our egos if we let it.

The counterbalance to this side effect is success. Winning small can make a significant difference in how we see ourselves. It is essential to have a healthy balance of goals, some larger life goals, and smaller daily ones.

For example, I have set a massive life goal to be a healthy weight (for my height and bone structure would place me at 130 lbs) and to maintain that size for the rest of my life. However, being a 110 lbs away from that goal is daunting.

To offset the larger goal, I made smaller goals keeping the gigantic one in mind. Tomorrow, my goal is to reach climbing 600 steps. That goal is obtainable, and it will give my fragile ego a shot of you-can-do-this.


Have you set small obtainable goals for yourself?


Give yourself a shot of you-can-do-this!





Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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