Red Belt Challenge: Weekend 1


Weekend Synopsis

Over the weekend I decided to take it easy in some ways, give my body a break. By the end of the week, my knees were pretty sore, like I had walked 2,353 stairs (cumulative).

Does your body feel exhausted after pushing limits for a few days?

Mine did.

So, no stairs. Instead, I walked, practiced Taijutsu with my husband and stretched overworked muscles.

Weekend break down:

  • Walked 4 miles (with no pack on)
  • Stretched/Yoga both days
  • Practiced sword drills and ukemi
  • Fasted twenty-four hours on Sunday


When pushing hard, you need to give your body a rest to recover. A day or two will do. Then you can swing for the fences again. I am finding physical fitness is not just about pushing your body all the time. Recovery is equally important. It gives your muscles and joints time to adjust to new levels of expectation. In fact, physical fitness seems to be a cycle.

  • Push
  • Stretch
  • Recover
  • Sleep
  • Stretch
  • Push


Do you follow your body’s natural fitness cycle?

If you are not already pushing yourself physically or even mentally, it is never too late to begin.

Trust me, if I can start my physical fitness journey at 40 years and 140 lbs overweight anyone can do it. I have lost 39 lbs in six months. I know that number is not mind-blasting, yet I am doing it.

Weight loss and physical fitness is a long trek, not a sprint.


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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