Sugar, It Is Everywhere


As you may know, I am an overweight American woman who started intermittent fasting about six months ago. Typically, I practice an IF schedule of 18/6. That means I fast for eighteen hours and I consume food for six hours a day. My life changes to date have gone well. On a daily basis, I feel more energetic, have a clear mind, and I have lost 34 lbs (and counting). I will never go back to eating three meals a day. My whole body feels heavy, burdened you might say when I do. What does this have to do with sugar being everywhere? We are getting to it.
Now that intermittent fasting is part of my life, I am in full control over when I eat. The next natural step is attaining control over what I (and my family) consume. A considerable part of this process is learning about what is in our food. Self-education is very powerful. As I dived into research, right away one of the big “bads” we find in our American diet is sugar. Just look at the food labels, any label. Sugar is bound to be in it. This saturation is a problem as research supports that sugar is the primary cause of expanding Americans.
I am one of them. It was part of my family’s culture growing up. I have five siblings and two doting parents. Every Saturday night was family night. We would play games, go out to the movies (when we could afford it), or watch movies at home. Along with games and films came the inevitable snack buffet. The table would be ladened with chips, candy, soda, and other junk foods. As a kid, these were yummy times. However, my dental health suffered, and while I was not an obese kid, those eating habits followed me into adulthood with devastating effects. As I matured, I tried to eat a more healthy diet. Even today, I have my moments of struggle. Floundering is easy when sugar is more addicting than cocaine and is in all of our favorite foods. Nonetheless, I truly believe in personal accountability. We all have the incredible power to make choices.
Being conscious of this I started looking closely at food labels. One consistent thing has reached out and smacked my consumer sensibilities over and over again. Sugar is in almost every prepackaged food not just in the junk food we love. There is no getting around it. It is there. Now for the scary part. The WHO (World Health Organization) has stated adults should not be consuming more than seven tsp (28g) of sugar a day and children no more than five tsp (20g) per day. A twelve ounce can of Coke has 39g (9.75 tsp) of sugar. That is 11g more sugar in one can of soda than the recommended cap is for one day. My first thought: Holy Cannoli. That is insane. How in the world am I going lower my family’s sugar consumption that much? It is daunting in the face of busy lives. However, I am determined to keep on the path of health.

Below is a video I challenge you to watch. It has inspired me, and hopefully, it will encourage you to make a change in your diet.


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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