New Year’s Resolutions


I stood in the shower (my thinking place) watching hot rivulets of water stream down my skin as I tried to find something witty to say about New Year’s resolutions. Nothing. That is what came to me, nothing. To be blunt, I find New Year resolution’s an experiment in artificial stupidity. No one (or almost no one) including myself, sticks to their resolutions (which by the way, are nothing more than guilt generators) beyond a 1/12th of a year if that. Do I even remember last years resolution? I am drawing a blank. And yet, I find myself oddly compelled to have a resolution, at least secretly.

Well, I resolve to have no resolution, even secret ones. No, I am not going to do it. I already have a few self-improvement gigs in the fire. I am doing just fine. Resolutions are not needed. Sitting here typing, I find myself despising the word more and more. Look at it, resolution. Re-solution. I do not need a re-solution. The stubborn part of me says I AM my own solution.

Final thoughts, as I have no more on this subject. You do not need a resolution to be a better you. Be your own solution.

Oh, by the way…


Thank you for reading.

J.R. Lowe

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