Intermittent Fasting Week 2 Report


This week the need to snack during fasting hours became palpable. It wasn’t all the time. The urge to eat washed over me in waves, powerful waves. Often, I had to remind myself that I am fighting a decade’s old habit tied to my emotional states. It is my job to stand firm against the waves of snacking and not let them bowl me over.

Well, I did stand firm against snacking during fasting hours. I was even able to make my son breakfast without sampling. That is a big win for me. However, this week I had one hiccup. My husband brought home a bottle of wine. We uncorked it about an hour after my window for eating was closed. It was a good wine, and yet, I had a few twinges of guilt. I am not going to beat myself up over it. Although, I do need to keep in mind what I am trying to do.

Intermittent fasting is a tool, a means to an end. It isn’t a cruel punishment I decided to put myself through. I am learning how my physical body works. Even though I am fighting bad habits, I can tell this new eating regime is working. Already my mind is more clear. I sleep better at night. I am not eating as much in one sitting. The craving for sugar is almost gone. There is vanilla ice cream in our freezer. I haven’t touched in over a week. That is unprecedented. So, I am winning.

This week was hard. My mood was serious. I did not lose weight and the cravings for salty foods were bad. As I said before, I need to keep in mind what I am doing and why. Change always comes with a few bumps. I am going to keep at it. There will be a day when intermittent fasting is just a way of life for me. I look forward to that day. I will report back in a couple of weeks.


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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