I got benched. My Sensei benched me. He banned me from the mats at the dojo. If I am honest, he has a good reason to do so. A couple of weeks ago, I got dumped hard on my hip/lower back area. It jarred me hard enough to say, “Whoa.” I got up and shook it off knowing I would be sore the next morning. Three days later the pain hit. Trying to manage the growing discomfort I alternated ice and heat, tried to stretch, and took it easy. After a few days, my back wasn’t getting any better. So, I broke down and went to see a chiropractor.

As you will undoubtedly come to know, I do not like to spend money needlessly. My family lives on a tight budget. Managing extra expenses is hard. As a consequence, we try to keep our doctor visits down to once or twice a year. However, at this time, the pain is enough for me to swallow the bill, so to speak.

I have never been to a chiropractor before. The experience is new to me. After some physical tests, followed by x-rays and then more x-rays the Chiropractor believes I have a fracture in my lower right back. However, he is confused. My fracture is not acting normal so, he wants a second opinion from a more experienced Chiropractor with a Masters in Radiology. I hope to find out definitively what is going on soon. All I know for sure is my back hurts like hell.

We all have choices in life. We can let problems slow us down or we can adapt. The fracture in my back is an obstacle. No doubt. Now, I can either let this setback stop me or I can use it to my advantage. I choose the latter. Going to the dojo hurts my back. It doesn’t matter if I am sitting or standing it is painful. Of course, I am in pain at home too. My choices are I can either go to the dojo, watch, take notes and learn or I can stay at home sulking. The dojo is where my heart is. I choose to learn on the sidelines until I can obtain the magic ticket (a doctor’s note) that gets me back onto the mats.


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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4 thoughts on “Benched

    1. The fracture is down near the bottom of my spine. The spinal cord is not damaged, so I don’t have loss of motor function or nerve damage. If I stand/walk too long, sit upright, twist, or lift anything over ten pounds there is pain. I have been taking it easy. My doctor laughed when I told him my Sensei benched me. He told me I have a smart Sensei. LOL

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