Barriers are a part of life. We all deal with them at one point or another. Barriers are road blocks. They stand between us and where we want to go. Ultimately road blocks are not the problem it is how we deal with them. Do you go around the barrier? Over the top? Do you smash through? Dig a tunnel? Or do you let the barrier stop you cold in your tracks? Do you let the road block play mind games with you?


Here is an illustration of what I mean. In our Taijutsu Dojo, we play a little game. Sensei will ask students to roll. It is easy and almost fun at first. Students execute dive rolls with near perfect precision. Then he changes the game. He places a pad down and asks us to roll over the obstacle. If a student knocks down a barrier, the penalty is ten push-ups. As the game progresses, Senesi places more and more obstacles in front of us. By the end, only a handful make it through without doing push-ups. Senesi tells us that the barriers are psyching us out. It is all in our minds. “Get out of your mind and roll,” he says.

This wisdom is applicable in all areas of our lives, not just in rolling. How many times has one small roadblock kept us from doing truly incredible things? There is always a way around, through, or over barriers. Our job is to find it and not give up.

Sound advice, yes? Now if only I can execute barrier hopping all the time nothing would stop me from achieving anything. Sensei would have one word for me, practice. What roadblocks in your life can you break through?


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

4 thoughts on “Barriers

    1. I hope your Sensei does try it with your class. It is interesting how little barriers seem to make things harder. It truly is all in our minds. What martial arts do you practice?Thank you for reading and let me know how it goes!


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