My Favorite Season

Can you guess?

Every so often I get asked one of those annoyingly superfluous questions like, “what is your favorite season?” Usually, I answer Autumn. It is a lie. As you know, our society runs on a four season system. However, I run on a six-season system; Blissfull Weather Season (what normal people call spring), Cherry Season (Yum), The Hot Season (no words), The Halloween Season (my daughter’s favorite holiday), Holiday Season (you know the drill), and Freakin Cold Season (I wear my Harry Potter beanie. It’s cute).

Cherries ripening in the sun.

Out of my six seasons, cherry season is the favorite, at least it is the yummiest. There is nothing more satisfying than carrying home a bag of freshly-picked cherries. I am not talking about supermarket cherries. Those are substandard at best.


Enter Johnson Orchard Farm. For the past three years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of visiting Johnson’s Farm during the much-anticipated cherry season. I always prefer supporting local businesses. The farmer is not the only one who benefits. I benefit greatly. The fruit was ripened on the tree and picked within 24 hours of my purchase guaranteeing the highest quality product.

Equally great is my husband looks forward to the cherries as much as I do. Often, we have cherry feasts where we buy several kinds to compare them in the comfort of our kitchen. After numerous tastings, Rainier cherries remain my husband’s favorite. It is harder for me to pick a favorite. This week it is Skeena. They are red, sweet and juicy. Skeena cherries are truly amazing.

In closing, I encourage everyone to hunt down your local fruit farm that grows cherries. Enjoy before it is too late. Happy Cherry Season!


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe

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