Going through a metamorphosis is always hard. Part of my journey is to gain control over my physical body. What does that mean exactly? It means several things. There is control over how the body moves, what a person eats, facial expressions, body language, the things a person says or doesn’t say, and involuntary bodily functions. The list could go on and on. But how does one gain control? To start, make changes in how we live our lives.


It is in my opinion and experience that making too many changes at once can be self-defeating. I know, I have tried it.  I want to succeed where I have failed in the past. So to start, I will begin with two changes. That should be manageable. The first change is to track what I am eating. The second is to walk every day.


Tracking my food consumption will hopefully bring some insight into my eating habits. I have a sneaking suspicion that what I perceive I am eating and what I am really eating are two separate things. I am an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian. I was raised that way. You would think I eat vegetables all the time. Well, not quite. Some people are confused when I tell them I am a vegetarian. How can you be overweight if you are a vegetarian? I can see the question in their eyes when they look at me. Let me enlighten you. An Ovo-Lacto vegetarian has a wide variety of foods available to them. Vegetables, fruits, and legumes are staples. However,  ice cream, cheese (I love a good cheese), butter, chips, crackers, bread, etc… are also on the menu. It comes down to choices. I have not made the best food choices in the past. By tracking what I eat, no matter what I put into my mouth, will show my trends. How much am I consuming and when? Does my emotional state affect what I eat? Nodding yes.


The second change is walking. I train in martial arts an average of four to five hours a week now. That is great. However, I want to go for a walk every day. Eventually, as I shed pounds it will turn into a daily run. I have this desire to become a trail runner. I like the idea of not just pounding the pavement, but having the challenge of quick changes trail running demands. I am from Southeast Alaska. Being in the forest surrounded by dripping leaves and greenery is cathartic for the soul. I miss it.

These two changes are just the beginning of many. Getting a handle on my food intake and movement are the first steps towards control over my physical self. Slow and steady wins the race. If there was one change you could make, big or small, to help you gain better control over yourself, what would it be? Tell us. I would like to hear from you.


Thank you for reading.

J.R. Lowe

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3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Good question – it makes me stop and think.

    You are welcome to come work out with me if your schedule allows. 6:45 am (give or take a few minutes) until 7:45 or so at WV Fitness in weekdays.


  2. The foundation (for all other successful changes) for me that I need to change is “Early to bed, early to rise.” I have been trying to have an earlier bedtime so I get sufficient rest. I’ve discovered that I tend to make better choices when I get proper sleep. I am nearly worthless in decision making without it. I wish to make it into a habit that I can build other positive, healthy changes on. 파이팅! 😊✌🏻


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